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Finance & Funding

As a public funded university, almost 60% of the recurrent income of the University is borne by the Hong Kong SAR Government, while the balance is either covered by tuition fees, various kinds of grants or interest and investment income. The vast majority of HKU’s total income is devoted to supporting teaching and research-related activities. For further details about the University’s finances, please go to http://www.feo.hku.hk/finance/information/annualreport.html.

The University has always augmented its resources in parallel to government funding. An important initiative in this respect was the establishment of the HKU Foundation for Educational Development and Research in 1995. The Foundation has been using the investment income from its endowment to support various University initiatives.

For more about institutional advancement at HKU, please go to http://www.giving.hku.hk/en/Why-Give.html.