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International and Mainland Collaboration

HKU has been actively establishing strategic international alliances with universities and research institutions worldwide. The University is also committed to cultivating internationalism on campus and to supporting staff and student mobility projects and international programmes at all levels.

The University is a founding member of Universitas 21, a network of comprehensive research-intensive universities covering all corners of the globe. One of the main objectives of Universitas 21 is to assist in the aspiration of its members to become global universities and to advance their plans for internationalisation.

The HKU Worldwide Exchange programme continues to be extensive both in numbers and in the geographical spread of its partnerships. Over 380 institutions across 46 countries have chosen to partner with HKU, offering HKU students the experience of studying abroad on semester-long and year-long exchanges annually. Our partners as destination universities include those ranked highest worldwide and/or in their respective countries.

In addition to exchange programmes, students enjoy other study abroad experiences through visiting programmes, summer study abroad, and other short term student mobility initiatives.  It is anticipated that absolute majority of the undergraduate students at HKU will benefit from an overseas experience during their student career.

Furthermore, a number of programmes are offered under the HKU Summer Institute for undergraduate students from HKU and overseas, as well as high school students. While maintaining a global campus, HKU provides a platform for innovation in programme development.  Study programmes, internship placement, cultural and language immersion all contribute to the variety of programmes taking place at HKU.

The China Vision Programme provides HKU students the opportunities to go forth and explore the Mainland China. It offers a wide selection of programmes from academic courses and research projects organized by renowned universities in the metropolitan areas such as Beijing and Shanghai as well as the opportunities to conduct cultural visits, field studies and social service practices in rural areas and remote villages.

The University has a wide range of collaboration activities involving faculties, research centres and institutes at HKU and international world-class institutions, including collaborative research projects, visiting professorships, and joint doctorate programmes.

For more details of the University's research activities, please go to http://www.hku.hk/research