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3+1 Is

HKU is a comprehensive research-intensive institution engaging in innovative research with local, regional and global significance.  

Our research policy is formulated to strengthen capabilities in both fundamental and outcome-driven research and knowledge exchange within a culture that enables our researchers to flourish and innovate.

The University’s research strategies and policies are managed by the University Research Committee (URC), a committee of the Senate chaired by the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

HKU aims to

  • Focus on research quality and impact, and the translational potential and value to industry, business and the community
  • Raise competitiveness towards external funding and strategic partnership
  • Foster outcome-based, cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration
  • Promote social and technological innovation, entrepreneurial incubation and public-private partnership, and drive innovation and entrepreneurship through research and talent development
  • Foster research collaboration within HKU and with other partners in Hong Kong, mainland China and the world
  • Build core capabilities for sustainable growth