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Governance Structure

The Court
The Court is a large overseeing and legislative body comprising University and lay members. The purpose of the Court is to represent the wider interests of the communities served by the University. It has the power to make, repeal and amend statutes.

Membership (as of December 2023)

The Council
The Council is the governing body of the University, and is responsible for the management of financial and human resources of the University and for the University’s future developments. The Council comprises University members (both staff and students) and lay members (i.e. persons who are not employees or students of the University), with a ratio of lay to university members of 2:1 Members are serving on the Council as trustees in their personal capacity.

Membership (as of December 2023)
Summary of matters dealt by the Council
Guide and Code of Practice

The Senate
The Senate is the principal academic authority of the University. It is responsible for all academic matters and welfare of students. Its 50 members are mainly academic staff while there are also student representatives.

Membership (as of December 2023)