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The University of Hong Kong has a highly talented pool of over 1,000 professoriate staff, along with more junior academics and research support staff. Our researchers have an impressive track record in securing funding through competitive funding schemes, publishing their findings, and translating their research for the benefit of the local and global community. In 2022, Clarivate named 38 HKU scholars among the world’s most highly cited researchers and 150 in the world’s top 1% of scientists. HKU has about 3,500 research postgraduate students, with 12% coming from outside the Greater China region.

Staff Profiles

Outstanding researchers from across the globe have joined HKU. Of the 1000+ professoriate staff, about 33% are from Hong Kong, 30% are from Mainland China, and 37% are from elsewhere around the world. (More details can be found here.)

Academy Fellowships and Memberships

HKU researchers are garnering recognition from prestigious academies, with our scholars holding more than 90 memberships of about 25 academies around the world as well as in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Please click here for details.

Honours and Awards

Our researchers have also received a wide range of international, national and local honours and awards. Notable examples include the Porter Medal, the American Chemical Society National Award, State Natural Science Awards, Future Science Prizes, Excellent Young Scientist Fund awards and Changjiang Scholarships.  (More information can be found in the University's Annual Report, in the First & Foremost summary of achievements and on the Research Services website.)