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12 Jan - 23 Feb 2022
Running Track, Stanley Ho Sports Centre, HKU (UNI-SPORTS) (RN08) UNI HKU Run
26 Nov 2021 - 20 Feb 2022
HKU University Museum and Art Gallery G/F T.T. Tsui Building, UMAG, HKU, 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong HKU Department of Architecture: "Bibliolattice – A Show of Knots" Exhibition @ University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU | 18 Nov 2021 - 20 Feb 2022
24 Sep 2021 - 30 Jan 2022
1/F T.T. Tsui Building, University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU, 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam (Please enter the museum via the Fung Ping Shan Building) [EXHIBITION 展覽] Reflected Beauty: Chinese Reverse Glass Paintings from the Mei Lin Collection 鏡花薈萃:梅林珍藏的中國玻璃畫
28 May 2021 - 28 May 2022
 [VIRTUAL UMAG 虛擬博物館] Glazed and Fired: Celadon Ceramics from the UMAG Collection 窯火純青: 香港大學美術博物館藏青釉器
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