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HeForShe @ The UNiversity of Hong Kong

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HeForShe Initiative:

...."Now it’s time to unify our efforts. HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all." ~ http://www.heforshe.org/



HKU P - SHOC - a first-of-its-kind app-based course developed by a multi-disciplinary team at The University of Hong Kong, aimed at educating students about how to identify and respond to sexual harassment on campus. It is now available at Google Play / App Store.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/p-shoc/id1281327168

What’s Up

4 Jul 2019 Doing Gender and Why it Matters
25 Jun 2019 Closing the Gap: A Cross-Disciplinary Panel Discussion on Gender Equality in Hong Kong
1 Apr 2019 Raising the Dead = Girl Power?
Charismatic Practice and Women’s Authority in a Chinese Christian Church

HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarships

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The HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarships, offered each year from 2017 onwards, will enable students from economically deprived backgrounds to receive a fully-funded, quality undergraduate education at HKU, in the hope of reducing barriers against social mobility and to promote gender equity for access to higher education in less developed countries.

Press Release

12 Nov 2017 HKU awards HeforShe IMPACT Champion Scholarships to five international students

Views and Thoughts:

"The voices of marginalized girls, such as the daughters of migrant families, LBT girls, teenage mothers, pregnant teenagers, and other groups often go unheard....." read More   
Statement from the East Asia Sub-regional Conference on Human Rights & Dignity of Asian Girls

“HKU’s commitment to HeForShe is “to be part of something which I think is exciting, timely, important, interesting and empowering....." read more
Professor Peter Mathieson, President and Vice-Chancellor

"...we have come a long way on this front since compulsory education was established in 1978. Today, girls in Hong Kong have ample opportunities for education....Nevertheless, we still lack female role models in many areas of leadership, including across the academic, business, professional, government, and even political sectors....." read more
Dr York Y.N. Chow, Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Commission

Wear Pink on Wednesday to Support the Cause